A Brain-Computer Interface That Works Wirelessly

A wireless transmitter could give paralyzed people a practical way to control TVs, computers, or wheelchairs with their thoughts. Why It Matters Electronic brain interfaces may give paralyzed people control over their environments.  A wireless brain interface uses the head-worn transmitter, shown. A few paralyzed patients could soon be using a wireless brain-computer interface able […]

A Bendable Implant Taps the Nervous System without Damaging It

Swiss researchers allow rats to walk again with a rubbery electronic implant. Why It Matters Neuroscientists need new materials to restore movement to paralyzed people. An implant made of silicone and gold wires is as stretchy as human tissue. Medicine these days entertains all kinds of ambitious plans for reading off brain signals to control […]

EDGE 2015 Question: “2015 : What Do You Think About Machines That Think? “

ORIGINAL: EDGE “Dahlia” by Katinka Matson | www.katinkamatson.com “Deliciously creative, the variety astonishes. Intellectual skyrockets of stunning brilliance. Nobody in the world is doing what Edge is doing…the greatest virtual research university in the world. —Denis Dutton, Founding Editor, Arts & Letters Daily _________________________________________________________________ Dedicated to the memory of Frank Schirrmacher (1959-2014). _________________________________________________________________ In recent years, […]

The Algorithm That Unscrambles Fractured Images

ORIGINAL: Technology Review The ongoing revolution in image processing has produced yet another way to extract images from a complex environment. Take a hammer to a mirror and you will fracture the image it produces as well as the glass. Keep smashing and the image becomes more broken. When the pieces of glass are the […]

Neurons Inspire Nobel Laureate May-Britt Moser’s Dress

ORIGINAL: NBCNews By Alan Boyle Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images 22 days What do you wear to receive a Nobel Prize? Norwegian neuroscientist May-Britt Moser wore her work, in the form of an elegant dress with a glittering neuron pattern. The dress was the brainchild of British designer Matthew Hubble, who saw Wednesday’s Nobel […]

Double amputee controls two robotic arms with his mind

Here’s one other DARPA-funded robotic limb controlled by thoughts alone — actually make that two, because Colorado man Les Baugh had two bionic arms attached from shoulder level. Baugh got them this summer, 40 years after losing both arms, as part of a Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program test run at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. The […]

HP Will Release a “Revolutionary” New Operating System in 2015

ORIGINAL: Tech Review By Tom Simonite December 8, 2014 Hewlett-Packard’s ambitious plan to reinvent computing will begin with the release of a prototype operating system next year. WHY IT MATTERS  U.S. data centers consumed 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2013—twice as much as all the households in New York City—according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. […]

What the brain can tell us about the future of computing

An interview with Jeff Hawkins, the co-founder of Numenta, at the second annual IBM Research Cognitive Systems Colloquium.   Like this:Like Loading…

Neural Networks and Deep Learning Book Project

A book that will teach you the core concepts of neural networks and deep learningAbout the book This book will teach you the core concepts of neural networks and deep learning. These are powerful machine learning techniques which have achieved outstanding results for problems in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Neural networks […]

Anyone Can Now Use IBM’s Watson To Crunch Data For Free

ORIGINAL: Gizmodo By Chris Mills You probably know IBM’s Watson platform best from its winning performance on Jeopardy. But the supercomputer is more than just a mechanism for IBM to publicly shame smart people. It’s arguably the most powerful natural-language supercomputer in the world, and thanks to a new public beta, its number-crunching abilities are […]

The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | Jeremy Howard | TEDxBrussels

Jeremy is the CEO of Enlitic, which uses recent advances in machine learning to make medical diagnostics faster, more accurate, and more accessible. The company’s mission is to provide the tools that allow physicians to fully utilize the vast stores of medical data collected today, regardless of what form they are in – such as […]

New Startup Sets Out to Bring Google-Style AI to the Masses

ORIGINAL: Wired BY CADE METZ 12.05.14   Getty Images Richard Socher carries a resume that would seem to make him rather attractive to the giants of the internet. He just finished a PhD at Stanford University, where he explored a form of artificial intelligence called “deep learning,” teaching machines to recognize images and understand natural language […]

Demis Hassabis, Google’s Intelligence Designer

ORIGINAL: Technology Review By Tom Simonite December 2, 2014 The man behind a startup acquired by Google for $628 million plans to build a revolutionary new artificial intelligence. WHY IT MATTERS Demis Hassabis Software could be vastly more useful if it successfully mimicked the human brain. Demis Hassabis started playing chess at age four and soon […]

Stephen Hawking Has Warned That AI Could ‘Spell The End Of The Human Race’

ORIGINAL: Huffington Post By Thomas Tamblyn 02/12/2014 Professor Stephen Hawking has raised his concerns over humanity’s search to create artificial intelligence warning that if it were ever created it could “Spell the end of the human race.”  The scientists was expanding on a question by the BBC about the current forms of AI that are found […]

Is AI a Myth?

ORIGINAL: IEET By Rick Searle  Utopia or Dystopia Nov 30, 2014 A few weeks back the technologist Jaron Lanier gave a provocative talk over at The Edge in which he declared ideas swirling around the current manifestation AI to be a “myth”, and a dangerous myth at that. Yet Lanier was only one of a set […]

How Google “Translates” Pictures Into Words Using Vector Space Mathematics

ORIGINAL: Tech Review December 1, 2014 Google engineers have trained a machine learning algorithm to write picture captions using the same techniques it developed for language translation. Translating one language into another has always been a difficult task. But in recent years, Google has transformed this process by developing machine translation algorithms that changing the […]

MIT Media Lab’s Kevin Hu wants to turn the invisible visible

ORIGINAL: Beta Boston By Heidi Legg Photo by Alan Savenor Last March, MIT Media Lab Grad student Kevin Hu and his colleague Amy Yu saw their Pantheon project land on the front cover of The New York Times Magazine. Not bad for two grad students who are part of a generation using today’s seemingly unlimited […]

The Brain’s Inner Language

Video|2:25 Credit Probing the Parliament of Neurons Clay Reid and colleagues are going deep into SEATTLE — When Clay Reid decided to leave his job as a professor at Harvard Medical School to become a senior investigator at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle in 2012, some of his colleagues congratulated him warmly […]

Leonardo’s Brain: What a Posthumous Brain Scan Six Centuries Later Reveals about the Source of Da Vinci’s Creativity

ORIGINAL: Dangerous Minds by Maria Popova How the most creative human who ever lived was able to access a different state of consciousness. Add caption One September day in 2008, Leonard Shlainfound himself having trouble buttoning his shirt with his right hand. He was admitted into the emergency room, diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer, […]

Are Telepathy Experiments Stunts, or Science?

ORIGINAL: Technology Review By Mark Harris November 21, 2014 Scientists have established direct communication between two human brains, but is it more than a stunt? WHY IT MATTERS Communicating directly with the brain could help scientists better understand how it encodes information. Two scientific teams this year patched together some well-known technologies to directly exchange information […]

Pathway Genomics: Bringing Watson’s Smarts to Personal Health and Fitness

ORIGINAL: A Smarter Planet November, 12th 2014 By Michael Nova M.D. Michael Nova, Chief Medical Officer, Pathway Genomics To describe me as a health nut would be a gross understatement. I run five days a week, bench press 275 pounds, do 120 pushups at a time, and surf the really big waves in Indonesia. I […]

A Worm’s Mind In A Lego Body

ORIGINAL: i-Programmer Written by Lucy Black 16 November 2014 Take the connectome of a worm and transplant it as software in a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot – what happens next? It is a deep and long standing philosophical question. Are we just the sum of our neural networks. Of course, if you work in AI you […]

IBM’s new email app learns your habits to help get things done

Email can be overwhelming, especially at work; it can take a while to get back to an important conversation or project. IBM clearly knows how bad that deluge can be, though, since its new Verse email client is built to eliminate as much clutter as possible. The app learns your habits and puts the highest-priority […]

Machine Learning Algorithm Ranks the World’s Most Notable Authors

ORIGINAL: Tech Review November 17, 2014 Deciding which books to digitise when they enter the public domain is tricky; unless you have an independent ranking of the most notable authors. Public Domain Day, 1 January, is the day on which previously copyrighted works become freely available to print, digitise, modify or re-use in more or […]

Robot Brains Catch Humans in 25 Years, Then Speed Right On By

ORIGINAL: Bloomberg By Tom Randall Nov 10, 2014   An android Repliee S1, produced by Japan’s Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, performing during a dress rehearsal of Franz Kafka‘s “The Metamorphosis.” Phototographer: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP via Getty Images We’ve been wrong about these robots before. Soon after modern computers evolved in the 1940s, futurists started predicting […]