Michio Kaku: The Intelligence Revolution

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Publicado el 11/09/2012

Professor Michio Kaku, famous Theoretical Physicist and one of the inventors of Light Cone String Field Theory (one of the Relativistic forms of M-Theory), hosts a documentary on the use of computer technology, cognitive science, mathematical groupings, faster computers, sophisticated algorithms and, most importantly, better education that will will lead to “The Intelligence Revolution”.

Ubiquitous computing is fast approaching us, with computer technology quickly becoming present in almost every facet of society and technology. Soon computers will be so ubiquitous that they will toil away in almost pure invisibility: in our glasses, in our clothing even in our own body.
The synthesis between computer fabrication, computer connectivity and of nanotechnology will mean that computers will be smaller, more connected and everywhere with minimal impact environmentally and spatially but creating a renaissance in information control by the individual.

Dr. Kaku was a high achiever in his youth, to say the very least. He constructed a small-scale, but fully functional, Cyclotron Particle Accelerator in his senior years at high school. His goal was no less than to fabricate antimatter. Such ambition did not go unnoticed and got the attention of a very famous physicist, Dr. Edward Teller.
Dr. Teller noticed that young Michio was a very talented young man and promptly offered him a Harvard scholarship, starting his academic career. Michio’s initial education of physics and inspiration which he had to build a reasonably complicated device was triggered by his own education of the subject early in life mixed in with a bold curiosity.

Michio got his knowledge through books, children today are advanced data retrievers in comparison and can scour the internet for most of the content of human knowledge. Its no wonder children and young people are making such powerful innovations and ideas.
This synergy of Information Retrieval, Information Processing and Information Implementation is the engine of creativity and prosperity that, if we plan it correctly, could solve most of the problems facing us today:
Global Warming, Environmental disasters, Disease, War, Hunger and Energy shortages are all problems which need quick access to information to solve and fast processing of plans to implement action. The Internet has given us one way to do this, but with more work on smart computing, cloud computing and the expanding field of Neural Networking and Grid Computing we may be able to solve problems as a Global Civilization would.

The fact that our world will be governed by computer intelligence in the necessities such as travel, health and even fabrication itself may spur a revolution on par with the development of agriculture: we may have all the time in the world to simply ponder existence and have an armada of computer brains to help us find the secrets of existence.

In this documentary Michio Kaku shows us how the information revolution may reach these amazing new heights and how we may use our intelligence to reinforce our wisdom for generations by educating ourselves to think critically on real world problems.

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